1. Why does NWCYC take place not in July/not when my school is out/etc.?
    • This year’s NWCYC is held on the August Long Weekend by popular demand! Keep in mind NWCYC is coordinated between the churches of 4 provinces and 1 American state! Not one single weekend is ideal for all the youth of these churches, so we try to aim for the weekend that works mostly for all churches.
  2. Why does NWCYC cost what it costs?
    • Our Diocese subsidizes at least $80 per attendee, the price attendees pay is after the Diocese subsidy. We also aim to choose a venue with good amenities that’s available within the busy summer months and that’s central to most churches.
  3. I finished grade 9 this year, can I come?
    • No, the NWCYC demographic targets youth who have completed grade 10 and up. We look forward to seeing you next year and all the years after though!
  4. Do we get to hang out around the city of Kelowna itself?
    • We’ll do our best to schedule time to visit the city as a group, however it is not permitted to leave our venue (UBC Okanagan campus) during regular schedule time.
  5. What are the rooms like?
    • You’ll have your own private bedroom, with a shared bathroom with someone from your church from the same gender.
  6. What’s transportation like?
    • Please note transportation is not included in the convention cost, and it may be an extra cost depending on your church (each church is arranging its own transportation). You will hear from your church representative about rides arrangements and their costs, PLEASE inform your church representative if you’re planning your own ride.
  7. What do I pack?
    • The venue provides towels, bed sheets and pillows. Pack lightly (i.e. only one duffle bag). Include gym clothes and runners, appropriate clothing with 1 change of clothes halfway through each day, loose clothing to fight the heat. Boys: pack tonias, girls: pack head scarves.
  8. What’s the schedule?
    • Working on it! The finalized schedule will be posted at nwcyc.com/schedule a few days before the convention, make sure to check it throughout the convention.
  9. How can I help out?
    • How sweet of you! Ask your church representative what they need help with! There could be tasks like fundraising, arranging sports teams from your church, arranging transportation, arranging games for the road trip, getting snacks, and about 100 other tasks.
  10. #ThePopeIsComing?
    • …………maaaaaaybe………..